Proper Order in a Pandemic?

Proper Order in a Pandemic?


Lily Och

Sickness, fear, precautions taken,

Order of the days is shaken.

Keeping distance, isolation

Sitting in our lonely stations.

Distance learning is the normal,

Laptops serving as our portal.

Screens we substitute for faces,

Books and magazines for places,

Keeping every person waiting

For the day we’ve all been fating.

Some will say it’s far too distant,

Others say it’s nonexistent.

I won’t listen to their folly

Pessimistic, never jolly.

Holding hope for someday’s morning

Casting out our masks and warning.

Waiting still with faith and patience,

Trusting in a God who’s gracious,

We will make it through the madness

Working through our current sadness.

Washing hands and staying distant

Only lasting for the instant

Longing for a normal someway

Looking back on all this someday

We’ll remember loss of order,

Bad reception, patience shorter.

Still I hope we learn this lesson:

Time we’re given is a blessing.

Lily Och, 17, of Burke, is an 11th grade student at Ad Fontes Academy in Centreville, which transitioned to distance learning on March 17.